Where: St. Gregory's Episcopal Church
6201 E. Willow St., Long Beach

When: January 27th, Saturday
Starts at 12:30PM

"For the first meeting of 2024, we have a combined meeting with the Southern California Killi Club. Ron Harlan will be sharing on the topic of "Tiny Fish/Tiny Tanks".
There will be an auction with items offered by both clubs. Details/instructions will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

Please plan to arrive between 12:30-1pm, especially if you have auction items to drop off. If you arrive before 12:30, please do not enter the building as the folks using the room before us have complained to the landlord that we're pushing them out prematurely.

Viewing of the auction items will be open until we start club business. We will start the club announcements and presentation promptly at 1:30pm and close off the auction area at that time to reduce noise.

There is no cost to participate and our meetings are open to the public.

Zoom may or may not be offered for this meeting - TBD.

If you plan to participate in the SCAPE auction (to buy or sell), you MUST be registered on that site:

RSVP HERE (Facebook Account Needed)