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    My name is Ken and I am interested in killifish, wild bettas, and North American native fish. Nearly all of my tanks are planted because they are good for the fish I keep and planted tanks look better. I prefer easy "practical" plants in my tanks.

    I am a member of the following SoCal fish clubs: SCKC (killifish & wild fish), SCAPE, COAST, SDKAL, and SDTFS.

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    Hello Ken. Welcome to the "new" "old" SCAPE site. What type of wild Bettas do you keep? I have a community tank with some rubras that are breeding without any help from me.


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      I'm currently keeping mahachai, smaradina, channoides, and siamorientalis. I got started on wild bettas with Blackwater Aquatics.

      You're lucky the rubras are breeding on their own, especially in a community tank! I had rubra and unimaculata in species tanks but could never get them to breed.


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        Originally posted by Speaker73 View Post
        Hello Ken. Welcome to the "new" "old" SCAPE site. What type of wild Bettas do you keep? I have a community tank with some rubras that are breeding without any help from me.
        Sent you a PM about female B rubra.


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          Hello! My name is Teresa. I am new to aquariumming, inheriting my son's pleco last summer, and a 65 gallon tank in January.


          I am looking to rehome the 3 cichlids I have in there (they need a bigger tank, a more appropriate aquascape, and a healthier hierarchy). I've found that I really prefer a serene community tank with a low bioload and lots of plants, so I am looking forward to re-designing this tank once the big guys are out. I think my sassy betta is all the aggression I can handle.

          I also have a 2-year-old iguana, and while he was coming to work with me this past year he was in a 135-gallon paludarium. The base is pretty much a 7-gallon nano tank, which I replanIed last month when I moved it home. I decided to just use the base without the enclosure, and it's really filling in with some submerged houseplants.

          Click image for larger version

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          I'm thinking of doing something similar with the 65-gallon, but I'd love to explore planting a tree and making it something my iguana can enjoy (he already drinks from it).


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            Hi Teresa, you have a beautiful paludarium. I am a big fan of how you combined terrestrial houseplants with a planted tank.

            Good luck rehoming the cichlids. I suggest you post details such as the species, size, and photos of the fish on the Buy / Sell forum so more people will see them.

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          Hi everyone! My name is Angelo. I started getting into planted aquariums back in 2008 when I first discovered SCAPE. I went through the usual hobby curve of interested > obsessed > overdoing it > burned out > downsizing > back to interested. Anyway, I have always loved the interaction between aquatic flora and fauna that you can watch from the comfort of your own home. I tend to focus on high tech nano builds with lots of light, CO2, and colorful micro plants, so at some point in the future you should expect to see more of that from me.

          Meantime, hello world!