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  • Tetras, Corys, Pandas, Rams

    Short version = a piece of foam poisoned 98% of my 325g discus tank and only few fish here and there survived. If you’ve been keeping tanks a long time then you’ve have a catastrophic failure at some point so you know the pain.
    The tank is back on track and it’s time to add some of the smaller fish ie tetras, corys, pandas, rams, or. Would prefer home bred stock for now.
    I’m in San Dimas, so if you’re in the LA, Ventura, or SD please let me know. Always cash in hand.
    TIA, Jeff

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    Brother I feel the Pain. Came home to find my 80gl tank had developed a leak and the water level was down to 1 in above the sand.... lost 4 breeding angle's an 50 assorted tetras.
    Out of curiosity what kind of foam caused the disaster?

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      I can empathize the the shared experiences.. Had a few catastrophes over the 40+ years of fish-keeping. Even gave up the hobby a few times after the most heart-wretching ones (Lost a "pet" fish I had for years due to a heater malfunction = was literally cooked to death!; or mysterious wipeout of established ecosystem. Most recent catastrophe was establishing a nice anubias collection and then suddenly getting anubias rot... wiped out almost the entire collection.
      Nonetheless, its a very rewarding hobby.

      LIkewise, I'd like to know what the foam was. I wanna avoid anything I can to avert yet result in another catastrophe.