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Required Reading: Tradewinds Rules

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  • Required Reading: Tradewinds Rules

    Updated: August 21, 2023

    The Tradewinds are intended for Club Members to buy, sell, and trade their aquarium hobby related goods.
    This area is not intended for resellers who buy and resell for profit. “Serial”* or “commercial” sellers must contact @SCAPEManagement to set up their own section for posting sales threads.

    By participating here, you agree to follow all rules listed below. It is your responsibility to stay current and acknowledge the latest updates.
    • All sales posts must include a price for every item.
    • All sales and trades posts must state whether local pick up is required or if shipping is an option. Members may coordinate pick up at upcoming meetings or events.
    • All used items must have a photo of the exact/specific item(s) for sale. Used one time means it’s used. “Like new” means it’s used. Open box but not used is new.
    • Photos are highly encouraged for all plants and fauna for sale.
    • All items must be free of pests and disease. Buyers are encouraged to inspect and verify before payment.
    • All goods are to be adequately cleaned or priced accordingly.
    • Potential issues with algae are to be expressly disclosed. Sellers ought to know if they have had algae problems. Be respectful to this community.
    • Bumping of threads is to not exceed once every 24 hour period.
    • Sellers are to consolidate their sales or trade threads/items as much as possible.
    • Listings are expected to provide accurate and reliable information.
    • Buyers are to perform their due diligence prior to making commitments to purchase.
    • Derailing of sales threads is prohibited. Discussions not related to the sale/purchase of items in the OP (Original Post) should be in Private Message or other section(s) of the site.
    • Negative comments related to the value or pricing of items is prohibited. A seller’s asking price is the asking price. There is no need to comment on the asking price or the seller if you do not agree. Buyers are to determine value and whether or not they choose to purchase at any price. There is zero tolerance for bullying a seller.
    • Understanding of applicable laws and regulations are the responsibility of participants.
    • Members are encouraged to check the Member Feedback section before and after any transactions. Please remember to provide feedback afterward as well.
    • Commitments to buy or sell are binding. If either party fails to follow through, please report them to @SCAPEManagement
    • Currently, there are no additional requirements to post in the Tradewinds. This may eventually change.

    Tradewind transactions are voluntary and not managed by SCAPE. Participating in the Tradewinds means you release SCAPE of any and all liability for transactions and interactions between participants. This includes adherence to any applicable laws or regulations.

    * “Serial Sellers”: Sellers whose main purpose is to sell on the site. When past threads/posts are reviewed and the majority of the threads/posts are for selling item(s) compared to their contribution on any other subforums/threads on this site
    SCAPE Club Leadership
    Forum Administration and Moderation